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Vertical Scale Media

A Full Service Media Production Company

Inspired Film Production

Vertical Scale Media is driven with a passion for story telling.

We can help you from your initial idea to finished production, or any step along the way.

Film Production Services

Vertical Scale Media is a full service Media Production Company.
From filming and cinematography, post-production and finishing, to rental gear for your own production work.
We can handle everything to make your vision come to life, or we can fill in the gaps and be a partner in your project.


This is where our partnership begins. We want to inspire each other - your vision and idea, and our creative abilities to produce it. Pre-production collaboration helps ensure a successful production.


From logistics to the technical, our team has the experience to make on-location filming a success. This is the culmination of all of the pre-production work, and we love to see this process unfold.


Editing, Color Grading & Finishing - These processes bring your idea to life, give it flow, convey emotion, and engage with your audience. There's a reason Best Editor is an Academy Award category.

Examples of Our Work

Some of our work that we can share publically.
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“Searching for Hopper” a Stranger Things inspired fan short film

Food Advertisement for Shay’s Kitchen

Long form Commercial. “The Interview” for Despos Tailoring

The Three "P"s


We started VSM because we have a passion to create.


A successful production depends on proper logistics, shooting schedules, and preparation.


We don’t wish to produce for you, we want to produce with you. When everyone is invested, great things are accomplished.

Grip and Electric Rental Equipment

Need some additional gear for your own production? We rent some of our equipment as well. Click below for inventory and pricing.

Client Testimonials

Working with VSM was fantastic. They made my vision come to life. Professional, top quality, and exactly what I was looking for.
Dr. Jeni Weis
You cannot possibly make a better choice, than to have Jason as part of your team, leading and inspiring others to success.
James Siegel Jr.
Motivational like Gary Vee, but less sweary.
Jason's mother


Want to discuss your vision? Let’s connect, and discuss if we’re the right group to bring your vision to life.