Story telling

Do you remember which day of the week it was, when Paul Revere took a night ride on his horse?

Or do you know the story? Charging through the night, evading capture, and alerting the revolutionists to prepare: “The British are coming!”

Facts don’t resonate, but the way the story makes you feel does. And that is why you remember his midnight ride, not the day on which it happened.

Visual Storytelling

The Internet has connected us in ways our parents never thought possible. Instead of “The Big Three” choosing what programming to send into our living rooms every night, we have access to every conceivable topic, whenever, and nearly wherever we want.

Media repositories like YouTube and Vimeo have provided platforms outside of the major networks, allowing anyone with some technical skill and a message to reach potentially millions.


Have a cause you feel passionate about? Want to shed light on that cause, raise awareness, and help spur others to action? We’d love to partner with you and help bring your cause to light. When it’s a topic you care deeply about, it’s important to find a film maker who also has passion for your vision.

Short Films

Short doesn’t mean easy. Finding and casting the right talent, the right locations, adapting a screenplay, and simply figuring out what is technical and within budget isn’t for the faint of heart. Let us help you tell your story.

Help Us Discover You

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